Happy Friday!!

Yup the song has been playing all over the place lately but there's just something about it's tune and lyrics that makes me delve into a pool of silliness and giggles (not to mention that it IS Friday).

Who's to say you have to be sixteen to enjoy a song like this (no offense to anyone) - I'm bordering on 28 and I've never felt wiser younger :)

Happy Friday and have a good weekend people!

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lina said...

I'm almost 40 and I enjoy it too! xD

Happy Friday. Weekend is just a few hours away. :)

sriyany said...

lina: Just goes to show age is never a setback in anything :)

King of Scurf said...

I'm 48 - that's the best pop video I've seen in ages.

sriyany said...

King of Scurf: Agreed :)

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