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My gosh, it's been so long since I blogged that Blogger actually feels foreign to me! Work has been the pits these last few weeks and any free time I have is spent reading and commenting on other blogs - another way of saying: I'm still here people! 

In fact, I barely have time to Facebook these days. Nowadays, my morning routine goes something like emails-emails-work-lunch-emails-work-work so I guess FB or blogging has to be slotted in somewhere between work and emails - which would be like a 2 minute task. Today seems to be a very calming day which is why this post is up!

The company I work for prides itself on maintaining a healthy work/life balance - it's always talked about during meetings and gatherings plus the variety of after-work activities and game room we have is good enough to keep that balance. I think sometimes I bite more than I chew, what with taking on extra work on the side, maintaining a web site with 6 languages (and more to come) and coming up with new initiatives for my role (which I'm still getting the hang of).

Caramel honey says I should take it easy as times I try to do a lot within a short span of time that leaves very little time to do anything else not work-related *sighs*. There's just not enough hours in a day!

I can't even remember the last movie I watched :( I tried getting tickets for Transformers (despite the horrible reviews) but till now, tickets are still sold out and let's not even think about Harry Potter - I'll have to wait till next month just to get tickets.

On the plus side, last weekend was great as caramel honey and I went to Riblees in Desa Sri Hartamas. Excellent pork ribs and smoked ham quesadillas! The ambiance of the restaurant was so romantic and cozy that we felt like we on our first-date again! 

Having said that, we decided we'd go out, just the two of us, to someplace new, once a month - which I think is an excellent idea. Who can say no to more couple time? :P

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lina said...

A couple time can be such a good way to de-stress yourself. ^^

Nick Phillips said...

Pork ribs and smoked ham quesadillas, now you've got me wanting to try it :D

I've been busy with work too which is why I took the day off today to laze around ... LOL!

sriyany said...

lina: totally agree :)

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: Go try it. It's delicious!

All work and no play makes Nick (or the rest of us for that matter) a dull person!

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