Amy Winehouse - Gone Too Soon

It's sad to hear yet another troubled, substance-abused artist has passed away at such a young age (my age to be exact). While I've not been that big a fan of Amy Winehouse, I do like some of her songs like Rehab, Back to Black and Valerie, plus Glee did a a couple of impressive covers.

I heard that her last tour showed how wasted/drugged she was while on stage so I'd rather not remember her that way. Here's a video of my favourite - Valerie - from her much better days. Hope she rests in peace.

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Terra Shield said...

I liked Rehab... RIP :(

sriyany said...

Terra Shield: Welcome to my blog :) and Rehab was very catchy!

Life Ramblings said...

sad to hear about her untimely death. what a tragic waste of talent.

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