Amidst Fascinating Feathered Friends @ KL Bird Park

I took leave yesterday to treat my mum and sister to the KL Bird Park using the voucher I got from Groupsmore. My mum loves visiting parks and since I could use a break anyway, yesterday was well spent walking around KL Bird Park.

For those who are not aware, the KL Bird Park is apparently the world's largest free-flight walk-in aviary. Conveniently located in KL Lake Gardens, the park is divided into 4 zones which can take up to 3-4 hours to cover (not including the bird show). I think the best part about the first three zones is that all birds are free to roam around in this HUGE aviary. 

These colorful birds were in cages (as they're quite rare and expensive I think) and man, are they vain! They would literally hang there with different poses every few seconds - knowing there are tons of people snapping their pics!

NOTE: Click the pics for a larger view!

Imagine walking in and seeing colorful birds fly around you, peacocks casually walking beside you and pelicans flying everywhere. It's a gorgeous scene to just walk in and hear these cute birds squeaking singing. There are also plenty of fish ponds for you to throw fish food in (fish food capsules cost RM1 each). Don't be surprised if you see a fish pond with a pelican perched on the side, looking very still. The first time I saw this, I thought the pelican was just a painted-on rock but then it's head moved!

The flamingo pond was something I was excited about but when we got there I was quite disappointed as it was well, not exactly like how I imagined it. I mean the waterfall looks good and all but I thought there would be a variety of flamingos - as in different colors. In here, we only saw white/black ones and slightly pinky ones :(

Another thing I was looking forward to, was the Photo Booth where you get to take pictures with miscellaneous birds (for a mere RM30) and that was probably the best thing in the park :) Check out our best shots.

On my sister, were a parrot and some other bird planted on her shoulder (not sure what). As for my mum, she got to have the Hornbill and at close-up, that is one gorgeous bird. She also got to have this cute little red parakeet on her head who was busy grooming itself. I on the other hand, got this HEAVY parrot on my wrist. The parrot kept trying to hold on to my wrist coz I'm quite bony and it's claws are much wider. LOL!

All in all, the birds are very tame. At least, none of them moved or made sounds loud enough to startle us. If you look behind us, there's an owl, hawk and some kind of eagle sitting on the branch - all equally real.

After the Photo Booth, we moved on to the Parrot Aviary in which my sister and mum got to feed some of these birds with milk+honey (RM2 each bowl). It was good when 2 or 3 of them drink at a time but when a whole flock of birds come towards you, it can be quite scary overwhelming!

We moved on towards the end of the park where the Waterfall Aviary and the Amphitheater are located. The waterfall was gorgeous and cooling - just what we needed after walking around in the heat. There's an area right behind the waterfall where you can see the water falling in front of you (without getting wet of course!) and from there you can spot peacocks, pelicans, flamingos and ducks flocking about. We even spotted a few pelicans eating at the top of the waterfall.

We didn't feel like waiting for the Bird Show which will be conducted at the Amphitheater, coz we were quite hungry by then, so we made our way out. On the path to the Exit, we passed the Flightless Birds cages and a Nursery. Flightless birds are ostriches and emus who looked content just lazing about. Then again, if I were an ostrich, I can't do much in a confined area and since I can't fly, it's just lazing around I guess!

The Nursery had these baby chicks and ducklings where anyone can just pick them up and steal pet them. It was quite a sight, looking at these chicks and ducklings huddled together. My sister got attached to this one :)

All in all, it was worth going to the KL Bird Park. It's relatively well-maintained (the birds looks well fed) and most importantly, clean. There are plenty of resting areas at every corner which are convenient for elderly people like my mum. Plus, we covered about 90% of the park and that took us about 2 hours (which is good considering the variety of birds to see).

If you're going, go early about 10-10.30am as you'll get to go for various bird feeding and weekdays (non-school holidays) are best, as there's not many people - only the occasional tourists. There's also a Hornbill Restaurant near the entrance of the park, but the food is super-duper expensive so I wouldn't eat there unless I want to spend RM18 for Nasi Goreng!

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Nick Phillips said...

I love this bird park :D The last time I was here, we spent about 4 hours walking around and enjoyed the antics of all the birds. It's a nice place to relax too :D

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: Yup very relaxing. Although we did kind of watch our heads a few times - afraid of bird poop!

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