When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be...

If you studied meticulously and became either one of your ambitions, that's quite an accomplishment. Nowadays, ambition serves no importance in today's working life. People jump into a job, see if they like it, then stick to it and move up from there. Money seems to be the sole drive behind it. 

I'm not against making bundles of cash but it's very seldom you see someone enjoying their job despite making loads of money. Long gone were the days where we could dream about being something or working a job we're passionate about. 

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to list down my various ambitions that cropped up since wee-kindergarten-days

The Money Machine

Yes, that's what I used to call a cash register back when I was too young to understand the importance of money. Believe it or not, the earliest ambition I had was to be a cashier - simply because I was so taken with the sounds the cash register made when the money drawer came out!

Jet-Setting All Around the World

This was when I was in primary school. Our family used to travel a lot every 2-3 years since my dad was in Sales and I used to look forward to each time we went to a new place coz that meant - flying! I had this idea that being an air stewardess was so glamorous since they got to travel in style (obviously, I completely ignored the fact that they have to clean, serve people, etc).

I Want To Fly!

I've always been fascinated with aircrafts (having been in one ever so frequently at the time) and later on, people convinced me that being a pilot was a lot more beneficial than an air stewardess - and yes, AirWolf inspired me as well :)

On one of our flights from KL to Sabah (think I was about 12 years old then), my dad managed to arrange with the aircrew to let me sit in the cockpit for the landing. I was excited beyond anything! This was my first real look at an actual cockpit and mind you, there was not much space for a 3rd person (lucky I was quite small-sized then!).

It was an amazing experience - sitting in a cockpit of a Boeing 747, while the pilot tells you details about the cloud formations outside and the main controls to pilot the plane.

Space Exploration

Oooo this was the last and probably the most serious ambition I ever had (I know, what are the odds compared to being a pilot, right?)

I was very much interested in the solar system - still am. Astronomy was possibly my most passionate hobby at one point. I used to have a map of the solar system pinned on my wall and marked stars and planets on it. Heck, I even had glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling and walls!

So, these are my most remembered ambitions throughout my studying years. Granted the last one was quite far-fetched but the best thing about being ambitious is that there's no limit, right? :)

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Nick Phillips said...

I've always wanted to be Captain Kirk ever since I could remember but ended up doing advertising and printing ... siggghhh ...

Maybe now, at my age and my balding head, a Jean Luc Picard would be more likely ... LOL!

lina said...

I always wanted to be in the army. Even ask for a change of school when I was in Form 4 so that at least, while I cannot go to military school, I can be in a school in a military camp. Mom wasn't happy about having her child as a soldier though!
And anyway, the AirForce rejected my application. I tak pandai lah to become an army pilot. sob sob

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: Spoken like a true Trekkie! :)

lina: Fuyoh! The fact that you applied to the AirForce shows how dedicated you were :)

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