Pork Meatloaf with Beer Dip @ Betty's Midwest Kitchen

Fancy a typical American Midwestern meal complete with honky-tonk music in the background?

Well, Betty's Midwest Kitchen is just the place. Located in Aman Suria, this place is easy to miss if you don't look closely. Caramel honey and I were thinking of trying someplace new for dinner but we didn't feel like driving too far from Tropicana. That's when I remembered my colleague telling me about these awesome burgers at Betty's Midwest Kitchen and plus, Aman Suria is like a stone's throw away from Tropicana.

My first impression - for an eatery that seems to be doing rather well (thanks to countless reviews in the blogosphere) is that the shop is rather small. However, the decor is quite cute - pictures of pigs everywhere and the USA flag just makes you feel like you're in for an American treat.

If you're an impatient person and get restless easily from waiting in line, I suggest you make a reservation, be it a weekday or weekend. We went on Tuesday night around 7.30pm and there was already a queue forming. We waited about 10 minutes to get a place and that was only after we got bumped up the queue (the ones before us had to wait coz their whole dinner party was not present).

Unlike most blogs that advertised on their burgers (which I admit do look damn good), I decided to try the Classical Meatloaf (RM16.50) that is a succulent, tasty combination of pork meatloaf, mash potatoes, green peas, onion relish and their signature beer-based dip. It was a gastronomical experience!

The mashed potatoes with its mushroom gravy looked and tasted heavenly. I hate mashed potatoes that are too soggy and soft but this one was just right. Portions of the pork meatloaf were generous for the price - can be easily shared by two people. The green peas, onion relish and the *slurp* beer-dip only further enhanced the pork meatloaf's flavour.

We also ordered Soup of the Week (RM10) which was Ham and Tomato and the portion was equally as generous. Clear broth with plenty of vegetables but the ham was nowhere in sight - in fact I could barely get a taste of ham. Though it tasted good, more ham would have added to the flavour. The garlic bread was not that great though - one bite and I thought my teeth was gonna crack.

Caramel honey's Sloppy Joe (RM12) was nothing much to shout about - it was nothing like we expected. Ground pork, onions and ketchup served with buns and fries - tasted good but I think he couldn't agree with the concept. At least, the meal lives up to its name. LOL!

TIP: Go there with intentions of sharing. Unless you can eat a horse, it's gonna be hard to finish one meal by yourself - yes, even the soup.

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Nick Phillips said...

Sounds like a cool place. It's kinda near my office too, might give this place a try one of these days :D

lina said...

Wah! Everything got pork inside?

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