Cheap Bento Set Lunch - via Delivery!

Lak Zi fish + Fried boiled eggs/chicken salad + slices of Papaya = RM8.80
The fish was tasty (spicy) and the boiled eggs/chicken went well with the sticky rice.
Good combination!

Too cute!
Check out various Bento sets that would just make you go Awwwww! (note: you have to be logged into Facebook)

P.S. Cheap delivery to most places but if you order more than 5 sets, delivery is FREE. Send your order to 016-2199622 (1 day in advance) with details: name, company's name, full add, quantity & date of delivery.

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lina said...

Cool! (Not to mention cute too) :)

Nick Phillips said...

They have bento delivery? I didn't know that :D Where is this place located?

sriyany said...

lina: I know right! You should check out their bear bento sets on their fb page - you'd be so inspired to make your own :)

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: They're located in Taman Pandan Mewah but they can deliver to where I am, which is in Bandar Utama. Not sure about other areas though.

Call 016-2199622 for more info on their delivery routes :D

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: They're known as Melody Home's Bakery

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