Cracked Radiator, Faulty Hazard Lights, Rain-Drenched & Pineapples

Either of you received a pineapple from the person responsible for getting your car in an accident? Didn't think so.

Caramel honey and I were on our way back last Saturday. We were in my Kelisa driving into Tropicana, hoping to get back before the rain got worse. Cars were going slow and basically, it's not the kind of time you want to be out on the road. 

As we neared a junction on the left, there was a Mazda CX-9 waiting in front. Obviously, the right thing would be to wait until cars have gone by before coming out into the main road, right?

Mazda CX-9
This guy decided to come out halfway and stop just as we were nearing. The fact that we were drawing closer didn't even prompt him to reverse his giant of a car. Of course, caramel honey tried braking but the rain caused the car to skid and we braced ourselves as we hit the Mazda's - not the body - but the humongous tyres!

Luckily, the driver of the Mazda came down and apologized immediately. To be honest, this elderly man looked a bit *cracks head for the word* peculiar. He had his hands-free on so I'm guessing he got distracted talking to someone that he didn't realize we were near him when he came out. Right now, I'm much calmer but at that very moment, I was fuming.

The Mazda had barely a scratch but my car was a different story. The hood had a massive dent in the middle, the bumper damaged on various sides, number plate broken and to make matters worse, caramel honey realized my car radiator was leaking. Mind you, while all this was going on, it was still pouring.
So anyway, we exchanged numbers and we told him we'd get in touch with him once the car had been towed to the workshop. Seeing that we were minutes away from caramel honey's place, we thought the leaking radiator could last the short drive back. But in less than a minute, the temperature had already shot up and we had to keep stopping the car to prevent further damage. It was also then we realized, my hazard lights were not working - probably something came loose during the accident.

Long story cut short - we got the car back without the engine exploding and managed to get it towed the next morning. Yesterday, the mechanic called us and informed that it would cost a whopping RM1600 for everything including spray painting.

We called up the Mazda guy and he said he would pay us in cash, provided we could give him the receipt. Monday night, he came over to caramel honey's place to give the cash. So there we were, counting all these RM50 notes, when he opened the backseat and went,

"You all eat pineapple, ah?"

We were too taken aback to reply. He looked all apologetic and said,

"I'm really sorry for all this. I can pay for the damages and offer you this la *holds out pineapple*"

So that night, caramel honey and I ended up with RM1600 and a...pineapple, to which we have no intention of cutting and eating (not really pineapple fans). I am thankful though that the guy was honest and paid for all the damages upfront but the fact that he gave a us a whole fruit is just too funny!

Anyone wants a pineapple?

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lina said...

Weird indeed. He must be a pineapple seller! XD

sriyany said...

lina: He also had sugarcane in his car! Probably owns an orchard :D

Jasmine said...

hahaaaaa... the accident is certainly not a funny matter but the pineapple part was so random and hilarious!

sriyany said...

Jasmine: Tell me about it! :)

Nick Phillips said...

A pineapple? He should have given you a new car too ... LOL!

But whoa, RM1,600 is bloody expensive. It must have been really bad. Glad you guys were okay though.

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: Yea we're glad we were not injured in the process. Good thing for safety belts!

Yes RM1600 for a Kelisa is quite expensive :)

valfrid said...

Nice post ..i read it ..

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sriyany said...

valfrid: I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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