Classic Rides, Explosive Chase, Million-Dollar Heist & Bikini Babes

Yes, we made it on time. But I have to say watching a midnight show on a Friday is not such a good idea especially if you've had a tiring day. Come 11pm, caramel honey and I were already heading into sleepzone. Good thing the movie's testosterone-induced, action-packed scenes were good enough to keep us glued.

I have to admit that this one is way better than the previous movies in the Fast & Furious franchise. Fast Five focuses more on surviving as fugitives rather than mindless car racing from Point A to Point B. The appearance of old cast members with the exception of the Rock and a few babes, didn't do much to enhance the storyline (especially Paul Walker's abysmal acting skills) but Ludacris did bring some humor to it.

My favorite scene is in the beginning *spoiler alert* when the car they steal/attempt to drive away in - goes over a cliff and plunge into the river below. We could hear the groans from guys in the cinema, probably wishing the car should have survived. LOL!

I like the 2010 Lexus LFA (as displayed above) amongst the many rides featured in Fast Five. There's also a scene with police cars (which is the ONLY race shown in the movie).

Caramel honey thought there should have been more cars and races but I told him, perhaps people are sick of seeing races in the last 4 movies that this would be a pleasant change compared to NOS-infused cars with garish neon-lights racing back and forth but cars are not the only eye candy you get to feast on in the movie.

Plenty of bikini action and biker chic scenes to stir up a rush of adrenaline. What can a movie from the Fast & Furious franchise be without hot babes in bikinis or mini-skirts?

For what it's worth, I thought the movie was entertaining - and this is a compliment especially since it's the 5th sequel. Plus, you get to see the Rock in his element with Vin Diesel (it was quite funny to watch, honestly!) and just so you know, there is a scene after the credits roll up which of course signifies - FF6!

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xin said...

i wanted to watch this last week but couldn't get any tic other than midnight show :P but decided not to coz age is catching up and i can't stay awake past 11 :P i watched Something Borrowed in the end.

sriyany said...

xin: If it wasn't for the action scenes, I would have slept off already (getting old too!). How was Something Borrowed?

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