Bites @ Damansara & Subang

Chicken Teriyaki @ Old Asia, One U -
Skip this and head to Pasta Zanmai/Sushi Zanmai 

as the food there is worth the price!

Sizzling Black Pepper Beef Set @ Vietnam Kitchen, One U (RM16) - 
Portions were adequate & the wantons tasted good!

A tad bit peppery for my taste -
but the tender beef slices were delicious to eat

Roasted Duck Rice + Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish + Cabbage Soup (RM10-12) 
@ Restoran Tek Kee Noodle House, USJ 10 Subang Jaya -
The cabbage soup tastes good enough to slurp the whole bowl - worth trying!

The Roasted Duck was seasoned nicely and hardly any fat in sight
I'm hardly a duck eater but this tasted great!

Succulent Pigs in Blanket (about RM10) @ Sid's Pub, TTDI -

Jerk BBQ Chicken (less than RM20) @ BBQ Chicken, One U -
Must try!
The chicken is nicely seasoned and coated with some spicy sauce
complemented by soft mashed potatoes. Not too much can be said about the coleslaw but otherwise this dish is worth the price!

Grilled Chicken Salad @ Station Kopitiam -
Very generous portions.
Chicken slices were as much as the salad, if not more.

Fried Chee Chong Fun @ Charms, One U -
Tasted exactly like Char Kuey Teow except for the sesame seeds
which did NOT go well.

Fried Kuey Teow (about RM10) @ Charms, One U -
Tasted good. Tad spicy and oily but love the prawns.

Loh Shi Fun (Pataya style) (about RM10) @ Charms, One U -
Evenly coated with fried egg but apparently tasted similar to Fried Kuey Teow.
Portions are good for at least 2 people.

Nasi Lemak with Ayam Rendang @ Charms, One U -

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lina said...

Whoa! Plenty of good stuff to eat! :)

sriyany said...

lina: yes yes go check it out! especially BBQ Chicken in One Utama - delicious!

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