Snatch Theft Attempts

*cough*cough* Not blogging for more than a week tends to make my ancient blog collect dust. Thanks to work picking up its pace in the last few weeks and social events & activities during the weekends, blogging has taken a backseat :D

But enough about me. I've been hearing more cases of snatch theft in broad daylight, even with crowds of people around and recently, I heard about how my boss almost got mugged right in front of his home, in Mont Kiara. He's from Guatemala and the town he lived in, is apparently a 'ghetto' of some sort where you can get mugged or shot in the streets. You would think that with this experience, he would be prepared when he's mugged.

Well, he was walking outside his home, talking on his iPhone, when a biker stopped by and snatched his iPhone. My boss (with quick reflexes) had time to GRAB his phone back and demanded of the biker, 

"Why are you taking my phone?!"

The biker sped off and that was when realization hit him - the biker was trying to steal his iPhone! By then, he started shouting profanities at the disappearing biker. Oh god, I could not stop laughing when I first heard the story but all's good because he's safe (good thing he wasn't held at knife point) and his phone was not stolen in the end.

This also reminds me of another snatch theft attempt that was unfortunately successful. It was during my college days and I was at the bus stop. One of the people waiting, was this guy who was standing and texting on his phone - let's call him John. 

Suddenly, a car (with fully tinted windows) drove up and parked at the side. We didn't think anything unusual of course seeing that they were probably waiting for someone but after a while, the passenger side window rolled down and I could see that there were about 4-5 guys in the car. The guy in the passenger seat called out to John standing with his phone and asked (in perfect English, mind you) if he could borrow the phone to call his friend as his battery died (apparently his friends didn't have phones too??).  

John looked hesitant but then asked for the phone number of the friend. The guy (without flickering) gave him the number and I could see John dialing the number. I'm sure someone must have answered because he said "Hello" and gave the phone to the guy in the car. 

Let me tell you this. It was not even 2 seconds before the car sped off - leaving John and the rest of us in shock. Luckily, he managed to get the car number plate but I doubt those assholes got caught. Plus, with the recent snatch theft video that went viral, it's so scary to even go out alone these days. Snatch thieves are getting more and more brazen (probably from watching all those crime series) especially around Section 16 and 17 in PJ. 

Nowadays, I try not to take my HUGE shoulder bag out. Instead, I try to cram everything into a smaller clutch or if I have to, hide my bag under my legs while driving. Beats having your car windows broken in less than 2 seconds right?

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Gallivanter said...

Better be safe than sorry. My mom was a snatch theft victim earlier this year. And I can't believe the govt said crime has reduced a lot recently. Nonsense!

lina said...

We have to be super aware & alert. I try not to talk on phone when I'm walking at places that I suspect to be "dangerous".

My handbag always stay hidden if I'm in the car.

Jasmine said...

The bikers smashing car window thing just happened to 1 of my family members 2 weeks ago in the jam. Really have to be careful with our bags nowadays.

xin said...

Gallivanter:I think the police meant by the crime rate in the residential areas. nowadays which housing area got no guard? we have to pay rm100+ a month just for the service! no thanks to the burglars

sriyany said...

Gallivanter: Yes I agree. Thank god your mum was not physically harmed in the process. I've heard of worse scenarios.

sriyany said...

lina: That's good practice. We should not give these losers a chance to act

sriyany said...

Jasmine: Goodness! Which area? Sometimes, I wish we had explosives that would just explode in their faces should they try to break the windows.

sriyany said...

xin: Upscale residential areas can afford it. To be honest, crime rate is still a rate - which means there are still people being mugged, regardless whether it goes up or down.

Nick Phillips said...

It's no longer safe being in this world. My mom had her bag snatched and ended up in hospital with stitches on her head cos of the incident.

If it were at all possible, I'd take my family and fly to the moon. I'm sure it's a much safer place to live :D

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: It might just happen in 10 years or so :)

Jasmine said...

Was at cheras area near tasik selatan. I think they target most jammed up small roads around here.

haha yea, wish our car had flamethrowers!

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