Royal Wedding Monkeys

While the UK souvenir industry have their hands full pasting William and Kate on every piece of silverware, glass, marble, plastic and any other element known to mankind, Kipling's latest addition to their range of accessories include - Royal Wedding Monkeys!

From the One Utama, KL outlet

I think they're absolutely adorable and portable enough to carry around plus the fact that monkeys have never looked so cute before! Just a thought: Do you think the cuteness of the monkeys extends to the pic below? *winks*

X'Mas gift from Caramel Honey's sister-in-law
For whatever reason, watching a fairytale wedding is compensation to some of us who have a longing desire to have the wedding of their dreams. Then again, those who just got engaged may just want to check out the wedding dress design, in hope of replicating that for a cheaper rate. 

Anyway, I'm sure thousands of girls are gonna flock home to catch the royal wedding (hope the rain comes before 5pm) tomorrow. I'm sure as hell gonna come in to work earlier so that I can leave early to watch the live coverage!

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lina said...

I remembered the fever Princess Diana' wedding. The wedding, the movies all that. It was sooooo romantic.

This time however, I guess I've became quite cynic about fairytale weddings.

Are you watching it live tomorrow?

sriyany said...

lina: My mum used to feed me stories of the Charles-Diana wedding when I was young. Even then, I thought it was so romantic :)

I understand the need to be cynical these days but William and Kate are of a younger generation that has evolved (hopefully!) and took their time to actually settle down.

And yes, I'm rushing home to watch it live! :)

GAGAY said...

dropping by from TBE!

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darly said...

soo cute. Our house were also busy yesterday as everyone is glued to the telly all day

Visiting you thru the Bloggers Exchange Program, enjoy your weekend!
I Love Darly!
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