Focus on the Road!

A question to all women out there:

Have you ever, while crossing the road or walking to the shops, had men staring/whistling/talking vulgar at you while driving their vehicles?

Though I had a lot of these in the past, lately they've reduced since I hardly walk around anymore (with a car comes laziness!) until the last few days. I was walking at the side of the road to the office when a truck came by me and the driver stared, looked back to the road AND turned back again for a second glance. This time however, he smiled and he was half toothless!!

For god's sake. Why do you need to stare at women like they're the lost treasure of King Tut? It's not like we're gonna burst into bubbles or do the cartwheel for you. I especially hate it when motorcyclists turn their heads to stare/whistle as they ride. It's always my fondest wish that they would hit a tree or something while doing that.

It may be flattering to some women but definitely not to me. I'm sure there are much better places to attract women instead of on the road (and no, romantic comedies don't apply here!). I not only find it rude but annoying. Women are not trophies to look and stare at, much less be vulgar at. Concentrate on the road in front of you instead of who's walking around you!

P.S. Doubt those people who stare, actually read blogs but you never know!

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lina said...

Not pretty enough to ever get that. :D

But those men... ugh. Yeah, just drive the car lah. XD

Nick Phillips said...

Yes, yes, I've had people staring/whistling/talking vulgar at while driving by ... urmmm ... wait a minute, I'm a man!

Actually I seriously have no idea what the heck they get out of it ... I knew this guy who did in one of my old workplaces and it made me seem like his perverted accomplice everytime I was out with him and he wolf whistled at women!

sriyany said...

lina: Clearly you've been walking in the wrong area *winks*

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: Ugh really?? It's so mind boggling why they do it. Women turn coz they find it annoying NOT coz they want to give their number *rolls eyes*

arcee said...

u must be really gorgeous! i think they just appreciate but they don't know how to act it out properly. visiting thru TBE:)

sriyany said...

arcee: Thanks for stopping by! I don't think it's a matter of being gorgeous or not, for some reason men just get a thrill out of hounding random women that way :)

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