It All Started With the Big Bang!

I've given up trying to catch my favourite TV shows because it involves me rushing home from work, braving the jam and/or rain and rushing to tapau dinner. By the time I get home, it's more like Glee-Why-Bother or Desperately-Confused Housewives or How-I-Met-Which-Mother. So these days, I've started buying DVD box sets from my neighbourhood-friendly DVD seller :)

If you're a sucker for comedy, you should try watching The Big Bang Theory. The series revolves around a group of socially-awkward physicists whose lives get turned upside down when a hot blonde moves in to their apartment building.

Most of the episodes make reference to comic books, limited-edition action figures, PlaystationXBoxNintendo Wii, Rockband, Klingon, Spock, Vulcan hearing and the ever-famous Stan Lee (I'm not saying you'll only enjoy this if you're a geek, but you know..).

If you're not convinced, try watching the videos below. Might just change your mind :)

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Nick Phillips said...

Ever since I started getting more serious in my running I hardly get to watch TV cos by the time I'm back from my late evening runs, I'm too tired to do anything but sleep ... LOL!

lina said...

I need to check this one out. :)

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: Tsk tsk..always make time for TV. It may be less physical but good comedy always makes one feel good :)

sriyany said...

lina: Yes do so! Go to your nearest DVD seller :)

In fact, the lead actor (Jim Parsons) won an Emmy award for Best Actor in a Comedy recently. If you see the series, you'd know why :)

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