The Unknown Should Remain Unfound

If you had missed this in the cinema or planned to get the DVD - forget it! The Unknown remains as a piece of C-grade fiction that would probably work better  - not being published into a book for starters.

WARNING: Spoiler Alert!

The storyline is so out-of-this-world that it would simply leave you in bewilderment. The first half of the movie revolves around Liam Neeson trying to find out why is there someone else impersonating him and has intimate memories of his life with his wife. Naturally, he couldn't do it without some help (played by Diane Kruger) and the both of them get more and more entagled into the mystery.

The mystery unraveled - Liam Neeson and his 'wife' are actually professionally-trained assasins, hired to kill a botanist who has discovered a way to grow crops that would resolve famine in most parts of the world. *shakes head in disbelief*

The one character who looked remotely interesting was this retired East German officer/spy. He had been enlisted by Liam Neeson to help him prove who he is. Unfortunately, he died by from cyanide poisoning.

So that is it. End of story. The bottomline is: I would skip this by a mile if I were you!

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sexyjessie said...

Thanks for the review. It was supposed to be a good movie I presumed, with Liam Nesson acting. But with the bad script writting, it prove otherwise.

Nick Phillips said...

Thanks for the heads up. I really thought this was going to be good, seeing as how Liam Neeson was in it.

sriyany said...

sexyjessie: Yea I thought so too after watching the trailer but the storyline just wasn't worth it

Nick Phillips: Tell me about it. I think Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger are just accepting movie roles for the sake of money!

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