Rest in Peace Elizabeth Taylor

Another one of Hollywood's prestigious screen icons passed away yesterday of a heart failure, at the age of 79. When you hear Elizabeth Taylor, you would think of classic Hollywood glamour, Cleopatra, love-life whirlwind dramas, fashion statements, infamous hairdos and probably even Micheal Jackson. 

Liz Taylor was known for her dark beauty that made her stand out in a competitive industry. Apparently, she was born with a mutation that caused double rows of eyelashes *talk about never having to use mascara!*, which further enhanced her appearance on screen.

I remember Cleopatra and till this very day, I don't think any other actress could have been more suitable for the role of the sensual queen of the Nile. The dark hair and makeup combined with her acting abilities made the role even more authentic.

And naturally, let's not forget the '7 marriages'. Her whirlwind romance with leading actors and not-so-leading men generated a lot of media interest over the years.

According to her, "if I wanted to have a love affair or a fling, I was taught by my parents to get married. I guess I'm just an old-fashioned girl". But all that media attention probably just helped her obtain more movie roles (with an increased salary!).

I recall one particular movie, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof where she wore this gorgeous white silk cocktail dress (can't remember how young I was) but I remember thinking she must be the most beautiful actress I've ever seen and how I wished I looked like her when I'm her age. LOL!

Sadly, old age can be really cruel to a lot of people so I prefer to remember Liz Taylor when she was in her prime. The below pic is from her final TV role in These Old Broads which also stars Debbie Reynolds who was once married to Eddie Fisher - whom Liz had an affair with, while he was still married to Debbie!

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