Darth Vader captures Princess Leia - in NYC Subway!

I stumbled upon this really interesting site, which involves a bunch of people working together to cause scenes of chaos and joy  - by playing pranks or 'missions' on the public.

Some of their missions are really funny like going pants-less on the NYC subway (during winter!) or pretending to be the Ghostbusters in the NY Public Library (naturally as the location was an iconic moment in the movie) and there was even a time when they threw a surprise wedding reception on the streets of New York for a random couple that just got registered.

Among their recent missions, I found this one to be quite amusing (and yes, if you don't know it already - I AM a Star Wars fan!). Check out their whole list of missions  - I'm sure some are guaranteed to make you laugh!

Image & Video: Katie Sokoler & Improv Everywhere

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