Gaga Gawks @ Grammys 2011

Trust Lady Gaga to constantly keep everyone on their toes at every red-carpet event. This time there were mixed reactions to her entrance at the 2011 Grammy Awards. If you don't know it already, she arrived in an EGG, carried by scantily-clad men! Yes, you heard me. She showed up, comfortably encased in a transparent alien pod of some sort.

Apparently, it was supposed to a womb-like egg because she was due to perform her new single 'Born This Way' and she wasn't about to hatch until her performance. Plus, if you looked closely, all the scantily-clad men and the woman walking with them, had prosthetic horns coming out from the sides of their faces!

Very Star-Trek-ish

But of course, you can't wait to see how it was when she finally hatched. Well, I saw the video and let me tell you, it wasn't that impressive (at least not by Gaga's standards). The song 'Born This Way' sounded very 90s-pop and it was so unlike any of her previous songs that made her what she is today.

At the same time, her performance was nothing much to talk about. Sure, she had some great moves (anyone with a choreographer would!) but there were no crazy, weird antics like dangling from a rope with blood smeared all over her or lighting up a piano on fire. To make matters even more weirder, she thanked Whitney Houston during her acceptance speech quoting "When I wrote this song, I imagined Whitney singing it". *baffled silence*

Bottomline is, the much talked about Gaga might just go Gaga-Who in a matter of time if she doesn't stick to what she does best. Sure she's only human but we like to think that she's an alien species that landed on earth with no memory of her life before the age of 20.

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