Edamame & Chicken Teriyaki @ Ajisen Ramen

Once again, blogging about an eatery in Sunway Giza, Ajisen Ramen is located just few doors away from Mr. Tom Yam. The set menus displayed prominently outside the shop looked tempting so caramel honey and I decided to give it a try.

I've never heard of Edamame, let alone tasted it but that was before caramel honey went raving about it the minute he saw it on the menu. For the unfamiliar (including me!), Edamame refers to young soybeans which are boiled in water (with condiments) and served whole.

Edamame  - RM4.80
However, after tasting it, caramel honey felt that it was not as fresh and that it could have been better. As for me, I tasted a delightful twinge of wasabi when I popped those beans into my mouth but perhaps caramel honey was right. The beans looked like they've seen the last of their days.

Meanwhile, the Chicken Teriyaki smelt too so good that I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into it. Unfortunately, the chicken pieces were a tad bit tough and not at all appetizing. Luckily, the bean sprouts and tofu with its teriyaki sauce were good, as was the miso soup.

Chicken Teriyaki - RM10.80

The service was good but I'm not sure I would come back here for the Chicken Teriyaki or the Edamame. I might just go for the Ramen dishes as I saw quite a few patrons having those :)

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