My Dreamcatchers!

Finally I can blog about the latest addition to my ever-growing accessories - dreamcatcher earrings! I've always, always been crazy about dreamcatchers. In fact, I've got a miniature one hanging in my car. As for earrings, I would have preferred a smaller one but there was only this pair which retails for about RM50 plus at Diva.

The feathers may give you the idea that it's light but when I wore it, it was quite heavy on the ears but I like how I can feel the feathers swishing against my face *swish*. 

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sexyjessie said...

I'm a collector of earrings but none have feathers. I don't like feathers, though.

Nick Phillips said...

Aiyoooo, wouldn't they make your ears sag or something? They look heavy to me :D

sriyany said...

sexyjessie: Well to each her own, right? :)

Nick Phillips: Hahaha actually long term use might result in my ears sagging. But it's still so cool to own!

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