Evidence That Malaysians Have Not Evolved

Occasionally, we come across situations that make us think some Malaysians can be really self-centered but over time, we expect these educated people to be more civilized. Sadly, this was not shown last night at the main intersection in Kota Damansara (Casa Indah condo on the left and Kota Damansara straight ahead).

The heavy rain had knocked out the traffic lights and let's just say it was like a jungle out there. Cars from every direction, were basically trying to get across ANY way possible, up to the point where they would get stuck in a lock and after some time, one of these morons will have to reverse a few inches to let a car through.

It's insane!

I mean, is it so hard to have some amount of consideration and curtesy for others? Sure, you've been waiting in line and you're rushing to go somewhere but isn't everyone else?

Caramel honey and I were on our way to get some DVDs for the night and it took us about half hour just to get through the jam, as opposed to the usual 10 minutes! I was close to losing it when we got to the front on the line and we let some cars on the right go through (we were monitoring how cars on the left kept barging their way through) because just as we were inching our way forward, this car on the left blocked us in an attempt go across. The driver didn't even have the curtesy to show up his hand or anything for that matter. In fact, I got so pissed off that I almost got down from the car to be the one to direct traffic but the way the cars were going, they might just knock me down!

I've seen traffic lights knocked out in Subang and usually, the drivers are curteous enough to let some cars go through from each lane. It's common understanding that everyone needs to reach their destination and it only seems fair that they get their turn to go and not be a road bully.

Sigh. It's only been 4 days into 2011 and I have to experience this.

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Nick Phillips said...

Oh yes, the insane gridlock when the lights go out. Here's a tip. don''t make eye contact with any driver and just drive through as if you were insane and no one will dare try to block you. It works for me anyway ... LOL!

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: I'll keep that in mind the next time it happens! :)

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