Rapunzel - A Tangled Tale

Imagine a courageous girl with miles of golden hair, who's been locked up in a tower all her life and her biggest weapon...is a frying pan. Throw in a thief that's on the run plus, a dedicated horse that was probably a hound in his previous life and what do you get?

Tangled as its called here, is a fairy tale based on Brothers Grimm's Rapunzel and being a Disney remake, this movie is thoroughly entertaining. I especially love the chemistry between the feisty Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) and smoldering-hot Flynn Rider (voiced by Zachary Levi). A brief synopsis of the movie:

An elderly woman named Grothel (even her name sounds utterly villainous), finds a flower that can has magical healing abilities when sung to it. So all these years (or centuries), Grothel has been using the flower to keep herself young. Now, in a nearby kingdon, a queen is near death while giving birth to her first child and palace guards go out scouting and searching for this rumoured healing flower. To Grothel's dismay, they find the flower and bring it back for the queen. As expected, the queen delivers her daughter safely but Grothel is not to be discouraged. She sneaks into the palace and tries to cut off the baby's hair but the magic disappears and the hair turns brown.

Naturally, the only thing left to do is to kidnap the poor child. Fast forward 18 years later, the child renamed Rapunzel is cleaning and singing in the tower with only one window, and has no memory of her biological parents. Grothel who's raised her all these years, appears below and calls out,

"Rapunzel, let down your hair"

and from the window, down comes this long, lustrous, golden mane used by Grothel to enter the tower. Not too far away, a far-too-good-for-himself thief, Flynn Rider, is on the run from the palace guards after stealing the missing princess's tiara. He stumbles upon the tower and sneaks in to hide from the guards (and the horse). The rest, I would leave it to you to find out :D.

The movie is packed with humor especially with the quirky chameleon, Pascal and the ever-loyal palace guard stallion, Maximus. Compared to Disney's previous animated release The Princess and the Frog, Tangled fares so much better in terms of storyline, animation, music and voice cast.

My favourite part is when, Rapunzel finally makes it out of the tower and is gleefully swinging from tree to tree for one moment and the next moment berating herself for disobeying her mother's orders to never leave the tower. It actually reminds me of my sneaking out days when I was a teenager. (No, I was never locked in a tower but I had an early curfew. 'Nuff said)

So, if you're still pondering about watching this, I say go ahead. Apparently, Tangled is the most expensve animated film made, with a budget of $260 million so you can be sure it won't disappoint.

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Disney tangled wall stickers said...

My little sister immitates Rapunzel everyday! She really likes this movie.

sriyany said...

Disney tangled wall stickers: I'm not surprised. I love to imitate Rapunzel too but at my age, people look at me strangely :P

Jasmine said...

The horse was hilarious. Flynn Rider also actually looks similar to the guy who voiced him! :D

sriyany said...

Jasmine: LOL! Yup, the animation was done really well for this one :)

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