"How is it? Can fit ah?"

This new boutique opened up in Taipan, Subang recently and only last night I checked it out because there were SALE signs posted all over the shop. Plus, there were crowds of girls in there so it's either, discounts must be really good or the clothes must be really awesome (it's never both). As I was browsing through the aisles of clothes, there was this petite salesgirl constantly standing about 2 feet from me (literally breathing down my back!) and she kept going,

"What kind of clothes you looking for?"

"Second item 50% off and above 100, you can get 10 dollars voucher"

"How about this one (as she holds up a random dress at me)?"

"We got some new arrivals for skirts. Come, I show you"

OMG. I can't describe how annoying that was. I know she's just doing her job but how does she expect customers to consider purchasing anything when she's hounding them like that? I kept nodding my head politely and telling her that I'll look around first but she kept clinging to me like as if I'm the last hope for the shop to survive!

Finally, I selected about 4 to 5 outfits to try on (and was happy to do so, considering I'll be getting rid of her) and then to my dismay, realized there were more shopgirls guarding the fitting rooms. I just barged through, found an empty fitting room and managed to draw the curtains before any of the shopgirls could ask me anything. As I was trying on the first outfit, I suddenly heard a voice just outside the curtain asking,

"How is it? Can fit ah?"

about every 30 seconds. Seriously. At this point, I was already getting pissed off. I kept telling her that I'm still trying and pointedly ignored her after she kept asking the same thing over and over again. In the end, only the last outfit looked remotely nice on me but it was too loose (free size) so I drew back the curtain to step back and look at it from a distance and there she was, prompty waiting at the side like a watchdog.

She told me that they do free alterations on the spot but I know that dress was going to need some massive adjustments, so I told her I'll think about it and maybe look around some more (just to be polite). However, she refused to let me go. She kept pressuring me to get the dress, saying how nice it looks on me and that altering would just take 5 minutes (really??) but I had already made up my mind. When she realized I was not backing down, she just gave me this dirty look and stalked off with the clothes!

One thing's for sure, I'm NEVER coming back to that store anymore - not even if there are truckload of SALE signs posted on every space!

FYI: This boutique in question is on the same row as Maybank and Strawberry Fields Restaurant, but further down.

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Nick Phillips said...

Oh yes, annoying sales people. When this happens to me, I immediately leave the shop. Just let me shop in peace people!

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: Maybe it's like cheap thrill to them - annoying the customers to death!

Jessie said...

Oh yeah! I do get annoyed of these people haunting me around. I always frequent my normal boutique and it's ok to them even I don't end up buying. :)

sriyany said...

Jessie: Thanks for stopping by :)

That's how it should be. They appreciate you coming in to check out their clothes - not force them on you :P

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