Birthday Surprise (from the Police!)

Yes, it's my birthday and I had an awesome time but let's save that for the next post. I've got something more interesting to blog at this point of time.

Caramel honey and I were on our way out from Tropicana when we came to a police roadblock. Obviously, since we had our belts on and my roadtax was not due till May next year, we had nothing to worry about. Oh boy, was I wrong. For some reason, they pulled me over (I've NEVER been pulled over before!) and asked for my IC and driver's license, which I happily gave them. Next thing you know, the guy tells me that my license has expired - since May!!

I was too shocked to react at first. Having experienced something similiar before, I thought I had just renewed my license but then remembered that it was more than a year ago. Lucky for me, the officer was kind enough to let me go with a warning *phew!* Come Saturday morning, I would have to go renew my license *sets reminder on phone* - probably for the next 5 years!

Can you believe that of all days, today, was the day I had to be caught for an expired driver's license?

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Nick Phillips said...

First of all, a Happy Birthday to you :D So how old are you now? 16? 17? What? 15??? Really :D

And secondly, you should try the head hung low remorseful look like what I did ... LOL!

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: I'm good ole 27!! :D

Yea if only me being pulled over happened after I read your post. Nvm. There's always next time! :P

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