The Road to Good Health

I stumbled upon this fascinating article on Yahoo! Health today. It mentioned 10 basic bad health habits that most of us used to do or are still doing (despite our mums telling us NOT to do) . Personally, I'm still doing half of them and after reading the entire article, I realized that I should start making some changes to my somewhat frivolous lifestyle if I'm gonna live to be a healthy hundred.

I found this one bad habit particularly interesting:
Bad Habit #9: Negative Self-Talk and Poor Body Image

After years of negative self-talk (“Look at how fat I am,” or “No one likes me at work because I’m not talented”), a funny thing happens, says Dr. Rankin: People tend to withdraw from social situations and intimacy. A poor or destructive self-image is also linked with depression and anxiety.

So how do you break the cycle of negativity toward yourself? “The variables that drive behavior are brain biochemistry, innate drives, habits and addictions, and relationships,” says Dr. Rankin. “Note that logic isn't in there. So you need to do things that will optimize brain function—exercise, good-quality sleep, stress management and proper diet all are critical for proper brain function.” And, because our self-image is so often affected by the people in our lives, he suggests you “hang around positive friends and ditch the people who are not on the same page as you.”
I agree with Dr. Rankin - negative self-talk can really do permanent damage. I know when we're among our tight circle of friends and family, friendly banter can ensue and sometimes this leads to negative talk towards you. Unless you're really thick-skinned and can handle criticism, then you'd be okay. Otherwise, this would eventually lead to you condemning the way you look or how you manage relationships and situations at work. It would be an endless cycle of self-devaluation until you figure out how to break it.

Bottomline is that we are all masters of our own fate but no one is saying staying healthy has to boring. You can always throw in a dance class or kickboxing in your weekly schedule. Also, checking out basic bad habits that we can change, can go a loooong way.

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Nick Phillips said...

I know someone in my office that holds claim to the word 'negative'.

Gallivanter said...


sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: He/She needs to read this post :)

Gallivanter: =D

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