My Spanking New Denim Handbag!

I had a retail therapy urge yesterday and I ventured into Nichii at Tropicana Mall (coz it's crowd free). Spent RM260 and came out with a corporate friendly dress, off-shoulder top, studded black skirt and...a brand new denim handbag! Just like shoes, a girl can never get enough bags. This is proven in Sophie Kinsella's Confessions of a Shopaholic where Becky is appalled at having ignored an entire retail sector (luggage bags). But anyway, check out below!

Isn't it simply chic? =)

It's not too spacious which works well for me because I HATE rummaging through every corner of my bag for my car keys, or phone or lip balm. My essentials like my camera, wallet, M.A.C compact, phone and keys fit in nicely without the bag bulging out hideously.

I especially love the studs on the front of the handbag. It's like a subtle hint of glam rock which works well on the denim bag.

Also, the strap (although quite long) is metal and denim twined. Me like :) :) :)

Like what my trustworthy friend xin says, you should ALWAYS reward yourself on an average of once a week (right xin?). Even if it's just 100grams of Famous Amos cookies or a RM79.90 denim handbag from Nichii.

And FYI: Nichii @ Tropicana Mall is absolutely HEAVEN to shop in. You've practically got the whole outlet to yourself and you can take in bundles of clothing into the dressing room without anyone stopping you. I must've tried on some 50 items and finally bought 3 so you can imagine the pile in the dressing room :)

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xin said...

absolutely right with the self-rewarding system :P ^5!

i just rewarded myself with tonnes of skinfood products too :P

Nick Phillips said...

You know, if someone could figure out why a woman needs 48 pairs of shoes and 39 pairs of handbag, he'd probably be able to solve the problems of the world ... LOL!

sriyany said...

xin: you go girl! :)

Nick Phillips: It will always be a mystery...even to women! :P

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