Fashion Advice from Your Other-Half

NOTE: Obviously this post is from a woman's prespective. But I'm no sexist so feel free to express your opinion =)

How often should you take fashion advice from your other-half? It's not like we're complete morons that we're incapable of dressing ourselves with some sense of style but I've seen couples out there where, the woman (it generally is) dictates what the guy wears - right down to his briefs!

I agree some men can be somewhat...misguided when it comes to dressing up for wedding dinners, parties and miscellaneous events. The women (usually with an impeccable sense of style..hehe) want to avoid the men from making a fashion faux pas and in turn, making them look like country bumpkins. So these men are then subjected to some sprucing up. Don't get me wrong. I admit some of these men look way much better than before, after their girlfriends coordinate what they wear. But as a guy, how far would you go to please your woman when it comes to clothes and shoes?

No. Us women don't expect you men to do a David Beckham and come decked out in Armani.

As for women, we can be quite stubborn when it comes to fashion as we think we know best. But every now and then, the guy might just give a few suggestions here and there. How far would you listen? Do you compromise your sense of style that makes you who you are? Personally, I like to coordinate my outfit based on where I'm going. Ultimately, I have to feel comfortable in what I'm wearing. Sure I would take into consideration what my other-half likes me to wear but I only give in sometimes. Sometimes. Under very special circumstances.

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xin said...

u have no idea who am i thinking about right now. LOL

Nick Phillips said...

Misguided men and dressing, that would have to be me ... LOL!

sriyany said...

xin: LOL! Karma??? Hehehe

Nick Phillips: Really? I doubt you're that bad la :P

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