Funky Shoebox from elo @ Subang Parade

I was on a mission last weekend, to find the perfect Gladiator flats. Unfortunately, having size 10 feet doesn't always work to my advantage. After scouring a whole bunch of shops (including Vincci, La Primavera and Pedal Works), I had just about given up hope. Until I passed by this tiny shop in Subang Parade and I swear, if you don't look closely enough you might just walk by the shop. 

The shop's called elo and they're got a variety of shoes, handbags and accessories. I was not too hopeful but I still asked the shop assistant "What's your biggest shoe size?" and she replied - brace yourself - "Size 12".

It was like God became tired of my ranting for shoe size and answered my prayers. LOL!

Anyway, I purchased this champagne-gold sort-of Gladiator flats. The straps didn't really go all the way up like most Gladiator shoes but I figured it was the closest I would be able to find (for my size). So, after paying RM69.90 for one pair, I watched the shop assistant place the shoes in this really funky-looking shoebox.

And when I say funky, I really mean funky. The shoebox serves as a bag and it has a little window on the top to see your shoes inside. How cool is that?

To remove your shoes, you just have to pull out this drawer-like inner box and voila!

The next time I need shoes, I'm going to head to elo. Granted, they don't always have a large variety but their shoeboxes are just too cute to resist! :)

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