Bali: Uluwatu Temple

On the day we arrived, we had time to check out the Uluwatu Temple before checking in. A note when visiting temples, if you are wearing shorts or anything above the knee, you might have to wear a sarong before entering. Most temples provide sarongs but unless you wanna wear some sarong covered in another person's sweat, you might want to bring a wrap for yourself.

We had to walk quite a distance to get to the temple itself but when we got there, the breathtaking view caught us off guard. We were standing at the edge of a cliff and could hear the waves crashing on the rocks below us!

Sadly, we could not see the sunset as it was on the other side of the island. The view, although picturesque, reminded me of the movie Shutter Island. If you were to fall off this cliff, I doubt there would be any chances of survival. This place should be renamed as 'Suicide Peak' :P

By the way, the temple is covered with your neighborhood-friendly species - monkeys. So avoid dangling anything in your hand, especially food items, sunglasses, camera. There was a scene where a monkey snatched this guy's shades from his head, climbed up a tree (very high, if I might add) and dropped the shades to the ground!

Unfortunately for the guy, no amount of glaring and swearing at the monkey is gonna get his glasses back.

By the way, Uluwatu Temple is also where they have the Kechak Dance but we were too worn out from all the walking and we couldn't wait to check in and get settled so we had to give that a miss. But from what I've heard and read, the dance is quite impressive.

Right outside the temple entrance

Stay tuned for the review of the hotel we stayed in - The Sunset Boutique Hotel!

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Nick Phillips said...

Wah, someone is on a holiday :D

SRIYANY said...

Nick Phillips: My only holiday for the year I'm afraid! :P

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