Bali: Scrumptious Flying Fish

On our first day in Bali, Dean (our driver/guide) took us for a scrumptious lunch at this Balinsese restaurant. We insisted that we only wanted to try local food, so no Western, Chinese, Indian, etc. The one dish Dean said was quite popular among the locals was the 'Ikan Terbang' (not sure how this works in theory as there were no pics in the menu). 

When the fish arrived at our table, it looked...somewhat rearranged...BUT still delicious nonetheless. Check out the pic of Dean proudly holding the 'Ikan Terbang' below. 

Some of the other dishes we tried:

Sticky Rice

 Ayam Penyet

Ais Kacang with Avocado

End of the day, the bill came to about 30,000 rupiah per person (about MYR10 each) which is really cheap considering the dishes we ordered. Where else can you get all these for 10 bucks in Malaysia?

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