Bali: Dumb Blonde Moment

Something's bound to happen when 4 girls go for a trip alone. In this case, we were supposed to board the plane for Denpasar, Bali from 10.20am onwards. Since we got to LCCT 3 hours earlier, we thought we had plenty of time to spare. By the time we reached the boarding gate, there were no other passengers there and the gate was closed but the officer was still at the counter.

So like most people, we thought " Oohk, the flight hasn't boarded yet" and we continued to snap pics of ourselves. Next thing we knew, our names were being called on the PA (last call by the officer behind the counter!) and we scrambled for our passports and boarding passes. The plane was just next to the gate but as we got nearer, we noticed the plane had a Thailand flag on the front - with the word 'THAILAND'.

Still unfazed, we thought the plane was used for Thailand flights as well and went on to board the aircraft. But things started feeling strange when the flight attendants kept saying "Sawadika". One of my friends checked with them and turns out, the flight was to Bangkok!

OMG. Of all the most embarassing situations we've ever gotten ourselves into, this must be the worst. We rushed past everyone who was already seated, down the steps and asked a nearby technician for directions, who pointed at one END and we could see another plane parked there. Glad to say that we boarded the right plane in the end!

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CalmThunder said...

Hahahha... OMG! Now, that's scary to know it can happen... :) Lucky you!

SRIYANY said...

CalmThunder: LOL! Yes it's a good thing we got out before the plane took off :P

reubela said...

hahahah.... this was a good read, i'll have a good day after this,lauging!.. ;).. hope u enjoyed the trip..

SRIYANY said...

reubela: LOL. Glad we made you laugh :D The trip was awesome! Plan to go back there again..

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