Single or In A Relationship?

No, I'm not gonna go on a male bashing frenzy here. I think being single or commited to someone has its own pros and cons. Ultimately, we all want to end up with someone to grow old with, but when is it the right time to ditch singlehood for good?

Personally, I've always felt I'm better off single. I'm not saying this because I AM single but simply because I've always appreciated the freedom to do certain things that you can't do when you're commited to someone. When you're single, you learn to love yourself more and the most important thing - self-respect, which I think is a woman's most valuable asset.

Just don't do a Bridget Jones and spiral into loneliness and self-pity :P

Of course being in a relationship is great but it takes work from both parties. Simple things like selecting a venue to eat or even planning out an itinerary for a holiday, can be a hassle when you have to accomodate another person's feelings. But on the plus side, it's comforting to have a constant presence in your life, whom you can share your ups and downs with.

So what do you think?

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Nick Phillips said...

Both has its pro's and con's. I'm more of the committed to someone type, at least I don't have to wash my own clothes anymore ... LOL!

Oh and I have this huge crush on Reene Zellweger :D

SRIYANY said...

Nick Phillips: Hahaha..well that's good for you :)

Renee Zellweger is adorable isn't she?

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