On a lazy Saturday night...

Last weekend was pretty quiet except for late Saturday night where my friend, *Joe and I decided to cook. He had just moved into an apartment and the whole place looks like something out of a showroom. So you can imagine the kitchen - not been used before and everything looks all sparkly and nice. LOL!

Seeing that we are not big eaters, I suggested we whip up pasta - easy to prepare and not much cleaning involved. Around 9ish we took a trip to Village Grocer to buy the ingredients, including a small bottle of Italian Herbs (for added flavour), minced chicken and a packet of Penne pasta.

When it came time for us to cook, I realized that we didn't have oil (forgot that we would have to sauté the minced chicken first!). Yes, the man doesn't have oil at home - didn't I tell you his kitchen is still a virgin? :-P

*sigh* Good thing there's a 7-11 in the apartment building itself. We went down to get oil and by the time we got back up, we were too tired to even begin. So we just hung out for a while and 1 hour later we felt our appetite coming back. Just as I was about to pour oil into the hot pan, I realized something.


My God. After all the deliberation on what kind of herbs to get, we forget the most important thing - the sauce. LOL!

Then Joe remembered that there's a 24-hour Carrefour kiosk nearby his place. It was close to 1am already and I was already accepting the fact that we wouldn't be making any pasta today. Nevertheless, we still drove to the Carrefour Kiosk and it looked like two 7-11 outlets merged together.

But as it turns out, they had pasta sauce! But goodness, it was like Harold and Kumar finding Whitecastle :D

Finally, we got home, prepared the pasta, sautéed the minced chicken, mixed in the sauce and tossed a load of Italian herbs. And the sauce tasted good - I was practically licking the sauce from the spatula!

So that was my very rare attempt at cooking something. Note to anyone who does not cook often - make sure you make a list of things you need to buy and double-check that you've got everything before cooking. :)

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