It's Exciting, Frustrating, Liberating, Mysterious..It's Complicated!

The amount of times I've heard people using the silly phrase 'it's complicated' *shakes head*, I was beginning to think that they're simply too embarassed to admit they're single. But after watching the movie "It's Complicated", I can now kind of relate to the phrase. Yes, I know the movie came out last year but it was only released in the cinemas here this year!

If you haven't watched it already, I highly recommend you to see this. It's a romantic comedy starring Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. With these three, you can imagine the amount of humor involved. Meryl Streep plays Jane who was married to Jake, played by Alec Baldwin. After 10 years, the divorced couple starts to go down the "what-if" road and get into an full-fledged affair. Steve Martin plays Adam, the architect in charge of remodeling Jane's home and potential love interest.

Personally, I think the movie is a nice change to average romantic comedies these days. It's refreshing to see an older cast be mixed up in love webs instead of the usual 20-something power couples. If you've got nothing to do on a Friday or Saturday night, It's Complicated would be a good movie to snuggle into your couch with.

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Gallivanter said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! :-)

SRIYANY said...

Gallivanter: Yea, the movie was great!

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