Feline Creature Gets a Load of Nightlife

I only remembered this today. Last weekend I was Waikiki 2 for a few drinks and while lounging at the bar with a friend, I noticed something odd. At the end of the bar (near the DJ console), there were these 2 Chinese girls and there was a fluffy-looking tabby CAT snoozing in one of their handbags.

Snoozing!! Can you imagine the music blasting in the bar and this cat is snuggled comfortably in this girl's hangbag, wearing a pet outfit (one of those t-shirts pets can where - not sure what they're called). I thought it was the funnist thing, seeing a cat snoozing in a bar blasting with hip/hop music and people mingling about. Sadly, I didn't have my camera on me to snap a pic.

These days, I guess you can not only go to bars to meet people, but you can also meet feline creatures. Or maybe Catwoman decided to transform herself into a cat to avoid questions? :P

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