Clash of the Titans (Review)

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

I watched Clash of the Titans over the weekend and sadly, it was a disappoinment. The action scenes were mediocre and some of the scenes were moving too fast to actually see what was going on. At some point, especially during the Scorpion scene, it was like a blur of swords, spears and sand.

The Olympian gods were TOO sparkly in their metal armors, that it seemed so unnatural. And although there were other Gods present, their names were not mentioned nor did they have much dialogue.

As for Medusa, I thought the character would be played by an actress but sadly it was full CGI and the effect wasn't even that good. Like something out of a PS2 game. Even Uma Thurman's Medusa character from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, was better.

The movie was supposed to be a remake of the 1981 Clash of the Titans but the storyline had spun so far off course that it was just too confusing (especially to Greek mythology enthusiasts). There are characters that were never the in the 80's version, such as Hades and Io.

The only parts I liked about the movie was the Kraken (obviously), Pegasus and the way Hades materialized - in a cloud of black smoke. Speaking of which, I thought Ralph Fiennes played the Lord of the Underworld well. He could pull off the demeanor of a God cast to the depths of Hell which shouldn't really be a suprise. He did do well in Red Dragon after all.

However, too many one-liners like "Someday, someone's gonna say enough" and "Ease the storm" (which was from an almost-love scene) only contributes to the movie being clich├ęd. In my opinion, the movie lacks substance. I think the trailer was a whole lot better than the movie itself.

P.S - The trailer music is The Bird and The Worm by The Used.
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Gallivanter said...

The lead actor's skinny legs aside, I actually enjoyed the movie, simply because I relate it to God of War. :-D

As for cliche, I'm not sure how much they changed the script from the original one in 1981.

SRIYANY said...

Gallivanter: Hahaha God of War. Of course :D

The biggest difference is that the script just became even more corny :|

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