My Morning to Work

6.50 am
Leave home to work.
Plug in iPod to the radio.
Stuck at a traffic light that has not been working for a couple of days now.

6.56 am
Stuck at a roundabout. Bloody cars refuse to give way.
Decide that songs in iPod are boring already. Tune in to Lite FM.

7.00 am
Reach another traffic light.
Decide to hunt around for Michael Jackson CD as Lite FM is too slow this morning.

7.08 am
Light turns green.
Still hunting for Michael Jackson CD. Where the hell could it be?
Almost hit a car in front of me. Note to self: NEVER multitask in a car.

7.20 am
Stuck at USJ 3 traffic light. Silenty curse the amount of cars on the road.
Find Michael Jackson CD. Put it in the player and the player makes a funny noise and spits it back out.

7.30 am
Traffic finally moves. Crawl to SS19 traffic light.
Had to turn Off/On the CD player to play Michael Jackson. Set to "Billie Jean".

7.40 am
Stuck in Sunway. Reach Caltex.
Turn to the car next to me and see a Chinese guy headbanging. He notices me watching and continues headbanging in his car.
Michael belts out "Thriller".
Check my hair out in the rear mirror. God, it's a bad hair life.

7.51 am
Reach LDP. Cars continue to crawl.
Eyelids start to droop.
Switched to iPod back. Sorry, Michael. Motley Crue's "Dr. Feelgood" blares through my speakers.

8.07 am
Reach Giant, Kelana Jaya.
Sing along to Glee's "Somebody to Love" with utmost passion. Malay guy in a car next to me gives me a strange look. What, I can't sing in my own car?
Suddenly remember I have not paid my car payment this month. Crap.

8.16 am
Finally reach Kelana Jaya LRT. 14 minutes left till I'm late for work.
Zig-zag through traffic. A series of annoyed honks follow me.
The Kinks' "All Day and All of the Night" start playing. Hmm, forgot I even placed that song in.

8.22 am
Pass by Damansara Uptown. Stop at the traffic light heading to TTDI.
Set a reminder on my phone to make car payment after work.

8.25 am
Do an F1 and reach my workplace parking lot. Damn, almost hit that pothole.
Park my car in the nearest spot.
Do a quick critical view of my appearance. This is as good as it's gonna get.

8.33 am
Reach my office. Darn lift is so slow! Lucky thing, boss not in yet :P

3 comment(s):

Nick Phillips said...

You leave at 6.50 for you? Aiyoo, 6.50 I still sleeping la.

Yes, the USJ jam can be quite bad at that time. I can even see the long trail of immobile cars from my bedroom window.

Jyrenze said...

One of these days I'll do a similar post on my journey to work. :p

SRIYANY said...

Nick Phillips: LOL! Tell me about it. Sigh..I should just move closer to my workplace to avoid the never ending jam.

Jyrenze: Sure :)

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