First-Date Faux-Pas

We've all been through the whole dating scene (some of us are still there!) and I'm sure everyone would agree that the first date is the most agonizing. You're probably worrying if you've got something stuck in your teeth, or if your hair is just right or worse, when you didn't understand what he just said and don't want to come across as an airhead. I know I've made countless of blunders over the years (and probably still doing so). Hence, I hope you'll get a laugh out of the ones I've listed below.

1. He asks you out for pool. You tell him "I suck at pool. I've very bad at balls".

2. His mum is present. You tell her "You remind me of my grandmother".

3. At dinner, you accidently hold the knife upside down while cutting your steak. Fine dining cutlery can be very confusing.

4. You snort while laughing at something he just said.

5. You get a wee bit drunk and tell him "Let me tell you how I caught my ex cheating with my friend. Men are such assholes".

6. You fall asleep during a movie and start snoring.

7. You let your OCD get the better of you. At the movies, you isolate the caramel popcorn from the whites and not allow him to touch the caramel ones.

8. While attempting to use chopsticks, the fishball you've been trying to grab jumps off your plate.

9. While offering to pay the bill, you open your purse and a condom falls out.

10. While having ice-cream, you sneeze and ice-cream gets smeared on your face.

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Nick Phillips said...

You snort while laughing at something he just said.

I think this has happened to me before ... LOL!

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: LOL. Same here!

Jyrenze said...

Wow, all those things happened to you before? I think the fishball jumping thing happened to me quite many times though, lol...sometimes it happens with chicken wings too.

sriyany said...

Jyrenze: LOL. Not all. Just a few of them :)

xin said...

LOL @ #1. deja vu.

#10 will prob happen to me one day.

sriyany said...

xin: I hope I'm there when #10 happens..hehe!

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