3 Pints of Kilkenny for RM50 @ Artista

This was my first time at Tropicana Mall and I was quite disappointed. On the outside, the mall looked huge but it only had 3 floors and nothing really attracted me. Anyway, the only reason I was there was to meet my friend at Artista - this bar & restaurant tucked in the far corner of Tropicana Mall for Happy Hour (3 Pints of Kilkenny = RM50).

It's a very nice concept bar - slightly La Bodega-ish. Although I think high tables would have been more suitable in this case.

On one part of the wall, there are paintings by low-key artists, up for sale. Apparently, if you would like to exhibit your work of art, you could speak to the manager about having your piece up for sale. There are also live bands that play every other day from 10pm onwards. For those who frequent Waikiki (PJ) and Miracles (PJ) a lot, you would probably recognize some of the bands.

I like the fact that Artista is pretty secluded so if you're looking for a nice spot to read and just have a quiet drink, this would be a good place. I would probably try the food the next time I'm there. Plus, Tropicana Mall does not seem to packed to the brim unlike One U and Mid Valley. Therefore, parking shouldn't be a problem :)

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Gallivanter said...

God bless KILKENNY!!! :-D

Nick Phillips said...

I've never been to Tropicana Mall and after reading this post, maybe I should pay it a visit :D


sriyany said...

Gallivanter: :D

Nick Phillips: Yep, you should. Although it's nothing much to shout about.

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