Brown-Eyed Girl to Grey/Blue-Eyed Girl

I don't know about you but contacts are some of the most uncomfortable things that your eye can ever endure.

I've always been facinated with contacts, wondering what would it be like to wear them but so far, my eyesight is still pretty good *touchwood*. So just last week, I puchased 3 pairs of monthly disposable coloured contacts in Green, Grey and Sterling Grey. Today, I got one of my colleagues to place a pair in my eyes since I wasn't so sure how to do it myself.

The agonizing process took one hour. Since I wasn't used to having something in my eyes, I kept blinking - despite holding my eyelids up as much as I could. It came to a point where my colleague had to literally force open my eyelids to place the soft disc. And it didn't help that my eyelashes got in the way.

Finally, from having hazel brown eyes, I now have sterling grey eyes. Although I have to admit, my eyes look more blue than grey.



But honestly, I don't think its worth all that trouble. Even till now, my eyes are still stinging a little and my vision is kinda blurry at times. I have no idea how people who wear prescription contacts get used to this.

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Nick Phillips said...

I need glasses and am to vain to get a pair but if I had to chose between glasses and contacts, I think glasses would win hands down :D

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: LOL. Plus contacts are overated anyway, now that everyone's wearing them. You would stand out more with glasses :P

xin said...

i want to see more colors pls :P

sriyany said...

xin: Sigh..Just the thought of placing a contact in my eye makes me tired :P

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