Happy Birthday to Me!

No matter what was going on (good +bad) in my life, I've always, always looked forward to my birthday each year. The anticipation of turning another year older, starting the day by having something sweet (no idea who started this tradition), indulging in my favourite treats (Famous Amos and Cupcake Chic) or buying something new for myself (this year it was a hangbag), are just some of the things that make November 16 special. This year was no different.

If you're wondering what are those white patches on my face and arms, it's whipped cream. Yes, my colleagues suprised me with a birthday cake and decided to stick to the tradition of 'creaming' the birthday person (guess who started the tradition in the first place? :P ). It was good fun and it felt great knowing these people took the effort to come up with something for me.

Later that night, two of my close girlfriends suprised me with dinner at TGI (I'm sure you know what happened next). At least this time, I didn't have to stand on a chair and wear a funny-looking hat :P

Somehow I consider my birthday the start of a new year for me, instead of just waiting for 31st December to look back at everything I've done and not done in the last one year. I can't honestly say that I made the best of decisions but hey, nobody is perfect right? If anything, I've learned from my mistakes and will probably continue making more mistakes in the future and learning from them again :)

This year's birthday was particularly special to me also because, I'm single AND happy. Unlike last year, just 2 weeks before my birthday, my ex-bf decided to end things. For a long time after that I didn't think I would ever feel that confidence, high self-esteem and self-respect that I had before. Suprisingly now, I do. Probably because I've been fortunate enough to have the best of friends and family with me. Just goes to show that I don't a man in my life to make me happy :)

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