!@%#$* Traffic!!!!!

I just need to get this out of the way.

WARNING: This is a rant/whine/anything else you want to call it.

What is it with the f***ed up traffic jams around Subang?? It's bloody unbelievable! I've always been familiar with the jam around the Summit area, having taken the same road so many times. But lately, it seems like there more cars glued to the damn road.

Where the hell do all these cars come from???? It's like these cars are just springing up from the road - like daisies!!!!! (*ahem* except for my very tiny Kelisa, of course)

A 10-minute drive from my place to the LDP now takes me about 1 hour, after going through the jam. And that is also after I've tried cutting through housing areas and after leaving a 1/2 hour earlier. Aaaarrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!

OK. Great. I feel a whole lot better now. :)

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Gallivanter said...

Tell me about it! I'm always angry on the road!

xin said...

pindah pinah!

sriyany said...

Gallivanter: LOL! At the rate I'm goin, I think I need anger management classes!

xin: not enough moolah to pindah :)

Nick Phillips said...

I've lived in USJ for god knows how long and I agree with you, the traffic is just a little too much these days. Thank god I'm allowed to leave for work late :D

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: You're lucky. Sometimes I feel like just calling in sick - when I'm stuck in the jam :P

Johny Recaro said...

Subang jams just gets on your nerves everytime....there shall be more alternative access roads into subang.....i wonder what will happen when we have even more development in that area

sriyany said...

Johny Recaro: exactly! :)

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