Shenzhen: Window of the World

U'know the main reason why I even wanted to go to Shenzhen was to visit Window of the World. Over 100 replicas of the world's wonders, historicla heritages and famous scenic sites (scaled down of course) in a single theme park. I think I took over 100 pics just here alone so I'm just gonna show a few here and the rest you can check it out here.

Famous Statue of David

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

Not sure which part of the park is this from...

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Borobudur, Indonesia

Some Japanese Garden...

The Taj Mahal, India

Against the backdrop of St. Mark's Square, Italy


The Temple of Abu Simbel, Egypt

The Sphinx, Egypt
Yea, my friend thought this would be hilarious *roll eyes*

The Colosseum, Italy

We were given 2 1/2 hours to explore the park but I tell you, it's not enough. Walking from one replica to another takes a lot of energy, not to mention stamina. We had to miss the Grand Canyon and the Statue of Liberty - basically the whole of USA. But at least we got a whole load of Europe and Asia :)

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Aya said...

o_O" whats the budget to go there. I waaaaant!!!! XD

xin said...

nice pics. i didnt know there was a windows of the world in shenzhen.

Wenny said...

Ha! My hubby and I went to Shenzhen last Feb'08 but had to drop our plan to visit Window of the World coz we were short of time. Now I realised what we missed!

sriyany said...

Aya: Well my entire trip to HK and Shenzhen came up to RM1500 (including airfare and tour)..and I thought that was pretty reasonable :)

xin: Yep cool huh? sad that we couldn't go around the entire park but we managed to get most of it la

Wenny: Yep it's definitely worth going to Shanzhen to check this out. I plan to go there again someday :)

Nick Phillips said...

Awesome pictures. It really looks like a cool place for a holiday :D

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