Shenzhen: Herbs and Palm Reading

We started out early that morning and after some dim sum for b'fast, we headed to this Herbal Factory in Shenzhen. On the way there, I noticed how laidback Shenzhen looked - not as rushed and vibrant as Hong Kong.

Some scenic sights of Shenzhen

Herbal Factory - we were not allowed to snap pics inside but I must say that I saw enough ginseng and herbs to last me a lifetime!

Since we were the only non-Mandarin speaking people there, the management at the factory assigned us a guide that spoke Malay (picked up from the groups of Indonesians used to come there).

The guide told us of a how thousands of years ago, medicine men diagnose any symptoms by looking at one's palm and prescribed herbs based on the results. So he had a look at my palm and apparently I'm severely dehydrated (like duh! my lips were cracking already due to the cold!). My friend's palm on the other hand, showed that he had kidney (or was it liver?) problems. I cracked up at that point thinking, the amount of alcohol he's consumed in his life is probably showing on his palm!

A glimpse of lunch before heading to Window of the World and Splendid China.

Fried Pigeon - very tasty and much more easier to cut than duck meat

I'm not a fan of Lala but I did take the peppers ;)

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Gallivanter said...

Lala RULES!! :-)

xin said...

lets go lala!!!

sriyany said...

Gallivanter: If u say so :P

xin: u have a partner above to go lala with ;)

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