Shenzhen: Camera battery dies in Splendid China

At this point of time, my camera battery died so I could not get any pics of Splendid China. The park has the same concept as Window of the World but only contains replicas of wonders from all over China.

But we were just too tired from walking all around Window of the World that we didn't have the energy to walk around Splendid China. Plus, the cold was getting to my feet (2 pairs of socks did not help). The skin on my feet had become so dry that it was cracking (no idea how the locals survive the weather).

As per the tour, we were supposed to watch the Cultural Show at the park in an hour so we just decided to chill out at one of the resting spots there. We did manage to catch the horse show though. These riders perform daredevil stunts on the horses in a make-believe 19th century battle scene.

The cultural show was also good - although a bit slow. But the show portrayed China's many cultures with the lavish costumes and folk dances. It was a good experience :)

After the show, our tour guide, Michelle took us to this shopping district about 10 mins away from Splendid China. Can't remember what was the street called though but it was pretty much like KL or downtown Hong Kong. Lots of designer brands. We were also warned (many times) about pickpockets in this area.

Once again, the fashion sense here is similiar to Hong Kong. Leather boots, fur boots, PVC boots, leggings, skirts with netting and fur coats. Since most of the stuff were the same thing we saw in Hong Kong, I decided to nip into Starbucks and indulge in a hot vanilla. No suprise that when we got back to the hotel after having dinner, we just crashed into bed :)

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