Next Stop: Shenzhen

After lunch, our tour guide showed us how to board the MTR to proceed to Shenzhen. It took 45 minutes to reach Shenzhen. But by the time we got through the China Imigration, it took us about an hour just to get out of the terminal. By the way, the first big difference I noticed when I got to China was that the people there were much more friendlier than those in Hong Kong. Even the imigration officer smiled at me and said "Welcome"!

Our tour guide Michelle, was this really cute thing. She was already waiting for us when we got out and her English was quite fluent for a Chinese. Best part is, our hotel was a 5-minute walk from the train terminal. It was at that time I remembered the tour guide in Hong Kong warning us about pickpockets all around the terminal (all around Shenzhen, to be honest).

As we were walking towards the hotel, this Chinese guy approached us and wanted to help carry my bag but I said no. And each time I said no, he would attempt to carry my bag. Finally, Michelle told him off and he went away sulking (if only I spoke Mandarin..sigh). Apparently, my friend noticed that guy following us as we exited the terminal - good thing I carried a sling bag.

Lobby of the Felicity Hotel (also known as Ambassador Hotel)

Our room!!! Looks way better than our first room in Hong Kong. I have to admit that Felicity Hotel seems quite grand for a 3-star hotel.

By this time, the temperature was 9 degrees (brrr!) and I was freezing to death. 2 pairs of socks and 2 layers of clothing, topped with my winter jacket was not enough. The area around the hotel was not much. There was a shopping mall and some stalls but not many people were out and about at night, so we decided to stay in and get a good night's rest. And indeed, it WAS a good night's rest. The bed was soooo comfy...hmm I actually feel like going back there again :P

Next morning was a jam packed day with visits to Window of the World and Spendid China, as well as some Herbal Factory - which will be continued soon. :)

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