Damn You Chris Brown

I mean really, what are the odds of Chris Brown (who has been known for his squeaky-clean image) assaulting Rihanna 1 week before she was due to perform in KL?

And I was soooo looking forward to seeing the concert - at least it gave me something to look forward to this Friday!

But I have a feeling the concert will be cancelled entirely. This morning, I heard on the radio that her bruises were apparently quite bad, although not confirmed entirely.

Sigh...I hope she recovers quickly :(

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Gallivanter said...

The concert is officially postponed, not canceled. :-) I'm holding on to my tickets.

xin said...

postponed mah....i think not canceled

sriyany said...

Gallivanter: Yea same here :)

xin: I know. I like to prepare for the worst..hehe :)

Nick Phillips said...

Well, I hope for your guys sake it's just postponed but I agree with you, what bad luck!

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