Chocolate Truffles, Champagne & Catfights in Bride Wars

I recently won 2 in-season passes from Time Out KL to watch Bride Wars in the cinemas, which was great coz I've been wanting to see it after catching the preview. The movie is your average chick flick (after all, I am a girl) - 2 best friends have been planning their dream weddings at the Plaza since they were kids. Which come true after they both get engaged to their bfs.

However, the assistant to the wedding planner makes an error while booking their weddings at the Plaza and the brides-to-be end up with 2 weddings on the same day, at the same time.

There is only one way: One bride must switch their wedding venue in order for them to be maid of honor for each other. But naturally, like most brides out there, no one backs down. Hey, if it were me I would not stop at anything to have my dream wedding.

Expect hair dye sabotage, tanning salon mishap, upstaging a bacholarette party and crashing a wedding. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway acted well on screen - the catfights were good but towards the end of the movie, it got a bit emo when the two patched things up. Also, I did think Kate looked very much older than Anne and that maybe Kate's hairstyle in the movie was aimed at making her look younger?

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