Eagle Eye

I know this came out waaay back, but I never got the chance to catch it in the cinemas. Due to this, I recently contributed RM8 to the piracy industry and obtained a good-quality DVD of Eagle Eye.

If you like I, Robot, Disturbia or just plain Shia Labeouf, you would enjoy watching Eagle Eye. Shia Labeouf and Michelle Monaghan played their roles quite well, in my opinion. I've always been a fan of Shia since Transformers and Disturbia and of Michelle in Mission Impossible 3.

Good point
about the movie was that it was fast-paced action and would be good to watch it on a big-screen with a surround sound system (otherwise there's no point).

Bad points:
Billy Bob Thornton's dialogue was pretty dull, like his presence did not have any emphasis in the movie and the storyline was QUITE predictable. Coming from watching movies which incorporate AI such as, Stealth, I, Robot, and Minority Report, it's hard not being able to predict the ending, which kinda threw the whole suprise element out of the window.

Then again, for a good thriller to keep you going when you're at home bored, Eagle Eye would do the trick.

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Gallivanter said...

It's one of those movies made for HBO, see it once, and that's enough. :-)

xin said...


but u could have just downloaded it for free :P and save the rm8. kekek

sriyany said...

Gallivanter: yep and I think I've also had enough of Jack Sparrow on Star Movies, to last a lifetime :P

xin: i've got no patience to download! ;)

Karthigeya said...

I watched Eagle Eye on the big screen...was alright but I wouldn't shout about it.
Oooh...the part where that guy was killed by the stray electrical cable from the pylons was pretty dumb isn't it? :)

sriyany said...

Karthigeya: tell me about it *roll eyes*

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