Top 10 Lines by Women

10. “Hi. You look familiar. Have we met?” (after she has observed you from afar and decided you are either single and available or available for the night)

9. “The colour of that shirt really suits you” (as she subtlety scrutinizes your entire chest looking for excess flab and man-boobs)

8. “Oh, you’ve worked there before?” (while she hopes you don’t know any of her ex-flings. The world is small enough as it is)

7. “Yes, I totally agree” (when she has no clue whatsoever on what you’re talking about)

6. “I don’t like the taste of strawberries and cherries but I do like whipped cream” (after she gives you the cherries from her Wine Cooler and hopes that she’ll get lucky tonight – with whipped cream)

5. “I’m so bad at pool. How do I hold the cue stick again?” (as she bends over the pool table in a mini-skirt and tube top. Yes, some women love to tease guys)

4. “I’m a Liverpool fan” (but she has no idea when’s their next game or who’s on the team except Raphael Benitez)

3. “I absolutely adore Hugh Jackman” (she’s wishing you had a body like Hugh Jackman or were the man himself)

2. “Of course I can cook. What kind of a girl do you think I am?” (when she doesn’t know the difference between a skillet and an omelette. Her signature dish is Maggi a la Soup)

1. “I love spending time with you” (after you utter the words “I love you” to her)

Note: Women don't generally use lines - because they don't have too :)

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xin said...

u mean they r yr top 10 lines? :P

Sriyany said...

no comment! ;)

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